Africa Day One / by Robin Eagan

     I made it to Africa!  I am staying in Johannesburg South Africa for the evening & heading to Zambia in the morning.  Tonight I'm staying at a place called Petra Guest Houses. It's in a residential area & every building & home in this area is heavily gated with barbed wire, electric fences or spikes. It's crazy! Also when you enter the neighborhood there is a guard & he gives you the go ahead to pass through. It's kind of scary not knowing anyone & not knowing who you can trust. Especially when you're carrying your life in your back pack. It keeps you on your toes! I didn't get to go out & explore South Africa at all. After 20 plus hours of flying & a 9 hour time difference, I am quite jet lagged. So I am just resting & hoping when I get to Zambia I will have adjusted to the time zone & not want to go to sleep in the middle of my orientation. Tomorrow is day one of the orphanage! I will be attempting to blog some of the events of each day. This first blog isn't that exciting because I really didn't do anything. But hey, I made it!